The new PD patches

If you’ve stopped by the software page lately, you’ll see that there are some new PD patches up. These are modular objects that I have been making during the course of my dissertation. These objects contain a folder of objects that should be put in the “extra” folder in the PD program directory. Then, you can open the patch with the graphic objects appearing cisually.

Each patch inludes instructions within the patch file. IF you have any comments or questions let me know. I made these patches to try to create odular objects that are convenient for different uses. Hopefuly you will find them convenient for your use as well.

The hold up on Wayfarer releases.

There are three completed Wayfarer albums that are currently available for download, but are not available for CD purchase. C Journey, When the Shadows Came Upon Us All, and Meditations are all finished. All that remains is the CD manufacturing. I’ve been delayed by my work on the dissertation as well as my teaching load at two schools, UM and MDC. I have most of the album artwork finished, but the manufacturing still needs to take place. Once I have them sent in to CD Baby, distribution to a wide variety of download sites will ensue.

Sarah Palin’s Family Issues Inspire More Hypocritical Rage from the Left

The left continuously touts itself as the ONLY answer for the rights of women. They say that moderates and conservatives don’t tend up for women. Yet, when Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy became public, the liberal assault began. Today, I heard a young liberal woman say that she was mad about it mostly because Palin did not come forward to begin with. 3 days after accepting McCain’s selection of her for vice president is too late to announce a personal situation that really has no bearing on policy or governing? I didn’t respond, but I thought about it. How could Governor Palin work that into her acceptance speech? Do you have to run down a list of your personal situations as soon as you are selected for something?My question, which I kept to myself, was why be mad?

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Electronic Music Ensemble

We have our own page on this site.

Course Syllabus
Fall ’06 Concert Program
Spring ’07Concert Program – Get Csound and get creative – Search for Pure Data Music System and get it from here Get Psycollider for Windows or SuperCollider for MAC while you’re there.

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about me

About Me
My professional interests involve music and computers. I compose music for a variety of purposes and in a variety of styles. My choice medium of composition is computer-based electro-acoustic music. My computer interests include software programming and web page design. I produce software for music composition primarily, and I design websites for musicians and artists.
The University of Miami

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